Sept 28, 2023

 - Canon R3
 - 1680mm
 - f/11
 - ISO 400
 - 1/200

Processing Pipeline
 - Photolab
     - RAW conversion,  contrast/temp/hue/color grading.  Disable denoising
     - Sort frames by quality and select top 15%
 - Hugin
     - Align Frames to prevent blurring in stack
 - AutoStakkert
     - Stack frames.  This eliminates noise and allows us to heavily sharpen the image
 - WaveSharp
     - Sharpen.  This is where we finally get sharp craters and it will often bring out extra color detail
 - Topaz Denoise
     - Sometimes WaveSharp accentuates CA noise so we have to fix that
 - Topaz Gigapixel
     - Upscale because the moon is really far away.  This will produce a larger image suitable for prints
 - Photoshop
     - Final coloring, contrast, and sharpness adjustments

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